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All Crosses are Hand-made and
can be made in up to three colors.
Colors include Black,
White, Yellow, Silver, Gray,
Copper, Orange, Red,
Maroon, Hot Pink, Light Pink,
Navy Blue, Royal Blue,
Deep Purple, Amethyst,
Forest Green, Teal, Gold
 The Disciple's Cross
$7.50 each
This is a great way to Wear Your Witness. Each
component represents a part of the suffering of
Jesus Christ. The simulated leather strap represents
the whip that was used to beat Him; The cross represent
the nails that pierced His hands and feet; The twisted wire
represents the thorns that were formed to make a crown. 

Each Disciple's Cross purchased helps to support the Ministry
of New Life Bible Institute.

Disciple's Cross Order Form

Please fill out the form below to order your Disciple's Cross.
Print it out and mail it along with a check or money order for the appropriate amount to:
Dr. Tim Swartz

                            2290 State Road 37 S * Mulberry, FL 33860
    Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery. Thank You!
Mailing Address:
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