New Life Bible Institute
Dedicated to Supplying the People of God with Studies in TRUTH

Broaden Your Spiritual Horizons


each Sunday morning at 10:00 am.

 We meet at 2290 State Road 37 S in Mulberry, Florida. Join us if you are looking to go deeper into God's Word and desire a closer walk with Him.

New Life Bible Institute is supported by the generosity of friends like you. Thank You!

Congratulations for Wanting to Dig
Deeper into God’s Word

The Foundation of
New Life Bible Institute is based upon II Timothy 2:2 
‘And the things that thou hast heard of me among many witnesses, the same commit thou to faithful men, who shall be able to teach others also.’

            It is our goal to help those who want more than a ‘tickling of the ears’ understand God’s precious and thrilling Word. Our desire is to encourage Pastors and equip the Saints with the Truth of God’s Word not the opinions of men.

We believe that it is necessary to strive with perseverance to win the race. Therefore, the study of God’s Word will require your commitment and dedication, even when you feel like giving up. We realize that the hustle and bustle of life has accelerated to an unbelievable pace, yet the Lord requires us to Be Still and Know Him. We believe you would not be here right now unless you wanted a deeper understanding of His Word and a closer walk with Him. With that in mind, we encourage you to be faithful in your commitment to study the Word of God, whether with us or some other institution. We are committed to be here to help you succeed
in this endeavor in anyway we can.

The studies provided through New Life are all part of the pulpit Preaching and Teaching Ministry of Dr. Swartz, the Founder and President, and many other great Bible Scholars.

With the Bible as the supreme authority and Holy Spirit as the Ultimate Teacher, we accept the privilege of exposing those wanting more from God’s Word, the necessary tools to prepare them for effective Ministry in our world today. Because all studies are rooted in God’s infallible Word, the opinions of men, denominations or traditions will only be considered in the Light of what God’s Word truly says about a matter. For this, we make no apologies or compromises. Care has been taken to make each course meaningful, applicable and practical.

God Bless you for your interest in God’s Word.



 Dr. Tim Swartz
    Founder & President

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