New Life Bible Institute
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Broaden Your Spiritual Horizons

  Pastor Appreciation Do's and Don'ts
$3.50 each

Contains various Scriptural references and gives ideas on how to
honor and appreciate the Pastor
  Church Assigned Demons
$5.00 each

Ever wonder why the church seems to be powerless?
Did you know that there are six demonic spirits found in the
Book of Revelation that are specifically
assigned to attack the church?
We cannot win the war against Satan and his demons
unless we know exactly who we are fighting. Find out in this
fascinating book who these demons are and how we may
overcome them in our lives and in our churches.
This book is vital for every church and Christian, if we are to
be effective in these last days! 
  Do I Really Know What I Think I Know About TITHES & OFFERINGS
$10.00 each  (Book w/CD)
Why do so many faithful, tithing Christians never seem to receive the promised
poured out blessings of God? Doesn’t Malachi 3:10 state that if we tithe that God
will pour us out a blessing that there will not be room enough to receive it? Or, is that
 really what that verse says? Join Pastor Tim as he shares what God has revealed
to him about this vital subject of Tithes and Offerings. You will be amazed and grateful for the teaching on this life changing material. 
  This Thing We Call The CHURCH
$5.00 each

 Is what we call church today really what God had in mind? It seems as if the church of today,
for the most part, is ineffective and without much influence. Yet Jesus said, ‘Upon this rock
I will build my church and the gates of hell shall not prevail
against it’
(Matthew 16:18).
So then, what’s the problem? Find out some
life-changing Truths about This Thing We Call The Church
  Knowing God's Will For Me
$10.00 each
 (Book w/CD)

 God always has a purpose in everything He creates, and in everything He does. That being
the case, you and I are here to fulfill His purpose and plan through our lives. It would be
foolish then to think that we are to just drift through life never knowing God’s will for our life.
Learn five principles from the Book of Nehemiah that will help you to know for
certain God’s will for your life!
   Living Above AVERAGE
$7.00 each
We can either believe the words of Jesus and Live Above Average, or we can just
say His words are true but live like everyone else! So few Christians today are living the
abundant life that Jesus promised in John 10:10. It may be that choosing to live above
average will cost us everything we are and have. However, choosing the abundant life
will encompass the fullness of God’s Love, Joy and Peace. Learn how you can begin today Living Above Average!

    Hillbilly Bible Dicshunary
$2.00 each
This is a fun way to share Christ with others
Coming Soon!
 Does The Bible Tell Us Who The Antichrist Is?
$5.00 each
Is it possible we already know who the Antichrist is? In Amos 3:7
Holy Spirit gives a promise,
"Surely the Lord God will do nothing, but
he revealeth his secret unto his servants the prophets."
Who the Antichrist will be has long been a discussion among Believers and
unbelievers alike. The list of names has been as varied as the discussion itself.
However, God has given us a clue as to the identity of this person yet to rule
upon this earth as a ruthless dictator. His name will be familiar and his
number will be revealing.
   The Destiny of Tomorrow: A Study of the Book of REVELATION
$70.00  (Study Notes w/14 hours of Teaching on 7 DVD's)
 This is a verse-by verse study of one of the most fascinating Books in
all of the Bible. There are over 130 pages of notes and charts as
well as 7 DVD's of Dr. Swartz teaching this Book himself.
  The Just Shall Live By Faith 
$15.00  (Study Notes w/ 3 Teaching CD's) 
This is an in-depth study of Hebrews 11-13. It includes 14 pages of notes
along with 3 teaching CD's by Dr. Swartz
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